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Happy Together

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Original name해피투게더

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Nonton Streaming Happy Together Semua Season Dan Episode Subtitle Indonesia, Happy Together is a popular South Korean variety show which first ran on November 8, 2001 on KBS2. It was the most popular show on KBS from 2002–2004, and further continued its success in two more seasons. Currently, Happy Together is still placed one of the most popular shows on Korean free-to-air networks which airs every Thursday at 11:05 PM regularly.

Season 1 of Happy Together lasted for 4 years from November 8, 2001 to April 28, 2005. It was the most popular season of the Happy Together series, the most popular variety show on KBS from 2002–2004, and the most watched show on Thursday nights. Season 1 had several different “corners”, most famous being the Metal Tray Karaoke Room, and several other “corners” like Metal Tray Drama, and Do Re Mi “Kong Kong Kong”. The early Happy Together was a talk show, and a quiz where the MC’s face students for scholarships. Later that was scrapped and the Classroom Talk (책가방토크) and the Metal Tray Karaoke Room were implemented as permanent corners. During the season, the Metal Tray Karaoke Room corner didn’t fill up the whole episode, so other games were added to fill the hour. A highlight episode was shown on April 28, 2005 as the finale to Season 1, where ratings were slightly lower than usual

Metal Tray Karaoke Room

In the Metal Tray Karaoke Room (쟁반노래방), the guests would sing a song (usually a children’s carol) in 10 turns, which they have to sing every line correctly. 3 chance cards are available to ease the singing, and as soon as someone makes a mistake, the metal trays above their heads will drop on them

Season 2 was commonly known as Happy Together Friends (해피투게더 프렌즈), where celebrities find their former schoolmates. The program originally began as a pilot which aired in February 2005 titled Friends, hosted by Yoo Jae-suk, Eugene, and Tak Jae-hoon. It eventually combined with Happy Together to become Happy Together Friends. This season wasn’t as humorous as the previous season, because most celebrities and schoolmates would usually be crying or cherishing their time together, greatly reducing the level of laughs. Season 2 ran from May 5, 2005 to June 21, 2007. Season 2 was not as popular as Season 1 but still gained the usual range of ratings (10–18%). In Happy Together Friends, 2 celebrities are to find 5 of their schoolmates from a group of 25–40 people. Celebrities had 2 rounds to find their friends, their friends would speak about past events and their interesting stories, where the celebrities would try to clue in on the person. However, the celebrities only see the screen of the MC’s and not the audience of schoolmates.

Season 3 which was known as Happy Together: Let’s Go To School (해피투게더 학교가자), where the 4 MC’s dressed as females (except for Shin Bong-sun, who is a female), and participated in school-themed games, and the corner from Season 1, where the MC’s would play against students in a quiz for a scholarship. This began on July 5, 2007. These proved to be unpopular and were all scrapped in 3 weeks. Now, the show is simply known as Happy Together Season 3 which the corners are Challenge! Memorize Song, and That’s You! (그건 너!). These 2 corners proved to be popular, and ratings have gone back to the usual norm. That’s You! has been replaced by What is that! (이건 뭐!), where guests bring an item they cherish, and Don’t Laugh in the Sauna, joined the 2 remaining corners that take place in a sauna. In early 2009, Challenge! Memorize Song was removed to save time. Only Don’t Laugh in the Sauna remains, and follows Star Quiz How is that Possible! (스타퀴즈 세상에이럴수가!) which is a quiz about the guests for daily products.

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